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welcome!!!there will be codes for action replay.if u have ne codes then put them on the forums
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 Pokemon Modifier with Heart Scales

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PostSubject: Pokemon Modifier with Heart Scales   Sat Feb 02, 2008 7:51 pm

94000130 fcfe0100
02066db8 95019000
02066dbc 90022000
D2000000 00000000
62000000 95019000
E2000000 0000004c
95019000 90022000
1c28b40d f0684907
1c01fd4d 2901bc0d
4902d101 49024708
00004708 02066dc1
02066d9f 00000000
95019000 69384a04
98046010 4b019a09
00004718 02064ed1
0200002c 00000000
D2000000 00000000
40510c24 20074061
02424041 940d430c
21001c28 f4c3aa0d
4801ff4f 46c04700
0206ebb1 000002e0
021c6588 00000000

You all know how to use th Pokemon Modifier don't you? Well I'll just say for the people who don't know. When you activate the code and start your game bring up the menu with X. Highkight start and press L+R. Now you should have 493 heartscales in you item bag. You look in your pokedex for the National Dex number of the Pokemon that you want. Use your Poketch calculator, or the Power of you brain! 493-X. X being the National Dex number of the Pokemon that you want. The answer that comes up by you doing that problem is the number of Heart Scales that you'll toss. Toss the Heart Scales then walk into the grass while pressing L. Arceus may come up. That means the you messed up somewhere in the process... Happy Hacking!
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Pokemon Modifier with Heart Scales
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