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 An independent nation led by Sir Milton Margai

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PostSubject: An independent nation led by Sir Milton Margai   Fri Dec 03, 2010 1:40 am

In 1924, Sierra Leone was divided into a Colony and a Protectorate, with separate and different political systems constitutionally defined for each. Antagonism between the two entities escalated to a heated debate in 1947, when proposals were introduced to provide for a single political system for both the Colony and the Protectorate. Most of the proposals came from the Protectorate. The Creoles, lead by Isaac Wallace-Johnson, naturally opposed the proposals, whose effect would have been to diminish their political power. It was due to the astute politics of Sir Milton Margai, who was the son of a creole man by the name of Tu-borku Metzeger he was raised up by his step father an ethnic Mende and the leading Protectorate politician, that the educated Protectorate elite was won over to join forces with the paramount chiefs in the face of Creole intransigence. Later, Sir Milton [who's real family name was Tu Borku Metzeger]used the same skills to win over opposition leaders and moderate Creole elements for the achievement of independence.
Sir Milton Margai, lead Sierra Leone to Independence in 1961 and was Prime Minister from 1961-1964

In November 1951, Sir Milton Margai oversaw the drafting of a new constitution, which united the separate Colonial and Protectorate legislatures and—-most importantly—-provided a framework for decolonization.[30] In 1953, Sierra Leone was granted local ministerial powers, and Sir Milton Margai, was elected Chief Minister of Sierra Leone.[30] The new constitution ensured Sierra Leone a parliamentary system within the Commonwealth of Nations.[30] In May 1957, Sierra Leone held its first parliamentary election. The SLPP, which was then the most popular political party in the colony of Sierra Leone, won the majority of the seats in Parliament. Margai was also re-elected as Chief Minister by a landslide.

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An independent nation led by Sir Milton Margai
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