DS Action Replay Codes

welcome!!!there will be codes for action replay.if u have ne codes then put them on the forums
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PostSubject: Structures   Fri Dec 10, 2010 11:31 am

The North Pavilions were designed as minimalist black cubes,[1] and together are capable of producing 16,000 kilowatt-hours (54,594 MBtu) of electricity annually.[6] The outermost layer of the exterior of each pavilion is a curtain wall made of recycled aluminum. These walls contain specially designed "mono-crystalline photovoltaic modules and insulated glass".[26] Convection from radiant solar heat gain causes air to cycle within air cavities covered by the photovoltaic modules. A "highly heat-reflective thermoplastic membrane" is used to waterproof each roof, and helps mitigate the urban heat island effect.[26]
The photovoltaic modules generate electricity to power much of the pavilions' lighting.[26] The North Pavilions are the first Chicago buildings to use building integrated photovoltaic cells, which are a solar energy system incorporated into the building's structural elements.[7] Millennium Park's planners claimed that the pavilions had the first electricity-generating curtain walls in the Midwest.[2]

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